Dimensional Control Survey & Laser Scan of Firing Line

GEOSIGHT were engage to provide a Dimensional Control Survey and high accuracy Laser Scan of a pipelay vessels Firing Line and Stinger

Scanning Firing Line

Following on from the success of our previous Dimensional Control and Vessel Laser Scan, GEOSIGHT were engaged to perform Dimensional Control Survey Services of the vessel’s Firing Line located in the midships below decks.

This included the following but not limited too:

  • Beadstall location (used as COG)
  • Beadstall projection to deck level
  • Inner Rollerbox locations and heights
  • Stinger Rollerbox locations and heights, including quayside scanning
  • Merging of quayside Stinger Point Cloud data to stern Stinger via common points.
  • DGNSS locations
  • 8x mooring winch locations

Service: High Definition Laser Scan / Dimensional Control Survey
Client: OIC BV
Environment: Shipyard
Location: Sassnitz, Germany
Year: 2020
Timescale: 2 days on site
Equipment: Leica MS60,  Leica TS16 Total Station
Deliverables: Concise report of survey, 3D CAD drawing, High resolution 3D Point Cloud of Firing Line Stinger, 3D CAD drawing of firing line, including Tensioners, Rollerboxes, pin holes, Stinger hinge points, Stinger and Stinger Rollerboxes