GEOSIGHT Commence Orkney Islands Hydrographic Survey

Scapa Flow & Kirkwall Bay

The first weekend of September 2022 marked the beginning of a large-scale nautical charting survey within Scapa Flow and Kirkwall Bay in the Orkneys, which GEOSIGHT are thrilled to be undertaking during September and October 2022 and spring 2023.  We are operating our highly versatile 7m survey catamaran Taran, running a dual head Norbit iWBMS system.  Taran will be working alongside the larger 18m vessel Northerly Explorer running a Norbit Winghead multibeam system.

The project aims to gather bathymetric data to IHO specifications and aligned with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency Civil Hydrography Programme specifications. The project team are delighted to be working in such a beautiful and historic location, working alongside the local community who areproviding the much-needed local knowledge and logistical support to overcome the challenges of surveying in what promises to be a very rewarding but challenging environment.