Refit for 1970’s Motor Yacht

We were invited to assist with the restoration of this 1970s motor yacht. Having exchanged hands several times during her lifetime she was in need of a complete refit.

Vessel Refurbishment

A Complete Refit

All of the superstructure, fittings and machinery had been removed leaving just the principal structure remaining . This provided an unobstructed view allowing us to create a highly detailed point cloud of the vessel ready to be modelled. This model could then be used to assist with the refit

Primarily the hull was scanned using a Leica P40, however the nature of the vessel meant that there were lots of recesses where this scanner simply would not fit. The small size and ability to be easily inverted meant that a  Leica BLK360 was the ideal additional tool to support the P40 and provide a complete scan of the vessel. A total of 31 scans were taken and registered in Leica Cyclone, before being tidied and delivered to the client.

Service: High definition Scanning
Purpose of Survey: Production of a point cloud to enable the hull to be modelled, ready for a complete refit.
Client: Southampton Marine Services
Environment: Shipyard
Location: Cowes, Isle of Wight
Year: 2018
Timescale: 1 day
Equipment: Leica P40 and Leica BLK360
Output: Unified, colourised point cloud.