GEOSIGHT Complete First Vessel Mobilisation

GEOSIGHT are proud to announce that we have completed our first Vessel Mobilisation on the Esperanza, a member of the Greenpeace fleet.


In Early June GEOSIGHT were delighted to be tasked by Bristol based ROVCO to assist with a Mobilisation followed by a Dimensional Control Survey on the Esperanza, a member of the Greenpeace fleet.

GEOSIGHT sent their mobilisation team to assist ROVCO in Portland with installing survey systems including a Kongsberg Seapath, Sonardyne Ranger 2 USBL and Fugro SeaStar system. As with all mobilisations, challenges were met along the way but through the collaboration between ROVCO, GEOSIGHT, Kongsberg and Oceanscan, solutions were found and the vessel was mobilised successfully.

GEOSIGHT carried out a Dimensional Control within the requested tolerances and waved goodbye to the Esperanza before she sailed for the Azores for ROV testing before heading to the Mid Atlantic Ridge to carry out important research on deep ocean vents.

Greenpeace will be streaming its findings online so keep an eye out for their future successes.Vessel Mobilisation