GEOSIGHT Continue to Service Marine World

GEOSIGHT are continuing to keep the Marine Industry in working order, servicing Dimensional Control demand in a Flexible, Professional and Safe manner.

Dimensional Control Survey

With all  necessary precautions in place, GEOSIGHT are continuing to service Dimensional Control surveys in a flexible, professional and safe manner, keeping the marine industry ticking.

The year has had its ups and downs, as most do, but with the addition of Covid-19 impacting travel significantly, our service to vessels has also been disrupted. However, determined to keep our clients productive, the GEOSIGHT team recently endured an almost 20 hour journey to reach Rostock to service the Orion 1 vessel, catching the Stena Line Ferry and driving the remaining 680km – a flexibility that was highly appreciated by DEME Crew.

As well as the Orion 1 the GEOSIGHT team has also serviced the Bibby Athena, Living Stone, Seaway Aimery, Fugro Mercator, Levoli Amber and Roxane Z so far in 2020.

Through servicing these Dimensional Control projects we have been able to slowly integrate GEOBASE, our own software uniquely designed to provide hydrographic surveyors with an independent resource for conducting a vessel dimensional control survey, an attitude and heading sensor calibration, and a GNSS position verification.

Deme Orion I
Orion 1
Seaway Aimery
Seaway Aimery