GEOSIGHT Influence Vectorworks Development

After encountering errors whilst importing point clouds in Vectorworks, GEOSIGHT have helped to shape the future development of the product.


GEOSIGHT like to use best of breed technology where and when we can. We recently invested in Vectorworks to match our CAD functionality requirements for point clouds and 3D modelling, and the skill-base of our staff. This purchase has changed the way we work – and changed the product as well!

When you start using a different software application there are always issues with familiarity and productivity, you accept these as part of the learning process. However, when the software just doesn’t do what you were sure it should do it’s time to escalate the problem.

GEOSIGHT are carrying out an increasing number of point cloud scans, something Vectorworks should import easily and flawlessly. And it did – but only with a few clouds. The rest of them came in displaying as a widely spaced grid and unusable as anything but a pretty picture.

We lodged a support call with UK Premium Tech and had a very quick reply from Dom Kudakauskas who dealt with our issue from start to finish – what great customer service!

We provided example clouds and screen shots of what we were seeing, which were sent of to the development team for investigation. “Hmm” we thought, development team = not good news.

The outcome? Just one week later #Vectorworks said thank you very much for bringing this to our attention! We are re-coding the product so that this issue does not occur in future releases. In addition to this, they also came up with a work-around to keep us going until the patch comes out.

That’s the sort of service you want from a product support team. Well done Dom and Vectorworks support!