GEOSIGHT Take in Ocean Business

GEOSIGHT maintained their growing presence by hosting a stall at the number one global marine event of the year in April 2019.

Ocean Business GEOSIGHT

The three day event from 9th – 11th April saw GEOSIGHT travel just half an hour down the road to Southampton Docks.

Ocean Business truly served it’s purpose in ensuring GEOSIGHT encountered old friends, whilst becoming acquaintances with many new faces from across the globe in what shaped up to be an exciting and interesting few days.

Whilst acting as a fantastic networking event, GEOSIGHT were able to spread word of ‘Bella‘ who will serve as the companies inland and nearshore hydrographic survey vessel.

Ocean Business GEOSIGHT
GEOSIGHT stand at Ocean Business, W29

However, Ocean Business was not the only event to have a GEOSIGHT presence in the last week, as the South Wilts Expo also lent its hand which sparked further exciting conversations.