Historic Dock Bollard Laser Scan

GEOSIGHT were commissioned to carry out a high density scan of an existing dockside bollard at a UK harbour in preparation of a full recast to replace a previously damaged one.

3D Bollard

Over the years, wear and tear and accidental damage all take their toll on dockside equipment. Our instruction was to laser scan and then model an existing historic bollard at a harbour on the south coast of England to enable an exact and precise replacement to be recast after one of historic importance had become damaged.

In order to carry out the work we used a Leica P50 laser scanner, gathering enough data to produce a high precision full 3D recreation of the existing 17th century bollard, as seen in the Sketchfab model below. This model was then used to create a mould for a casting of the bollard, ensuring the replacement is exactly the same as the existing ones on site.

The client received a 3D .dwg CAD file of the model of the scanned bollard.

on Sketchfab