Hydrographic Surveys

Our highly qualified and experienced team of IHO Category A qualified hydrographic surveyors are experts in conducting inland and nearshore hydrographic survey projects alongside providing project management & consultancy services.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to the marine sector

We can provide you with nearshore and inland marine engineering surveys as well as marine project management and consultancy through our network of partners.

Port and Harbour Bathymetric Surveys

As a member of the UKHMA, GEOSIGHT understand the concerns from harbour masters relating to the safety of navigation in ports and harbours.  Specialising in land and hydrographic surveys, GEOSIGHT can offer complete or partial surveys of a port; using multibeam sonar to map below the waterline including the seafloor and quay wall structures, through to laser scanning buildings, pontoons and slipways.

Our highly qualified and experienced IHO Category A certified surveyors are experts in conducting shallow water bathymetric surveys. GEOSIGHT can capture precise hydrographic information to support the safety of navigation in compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code.  From depth charting to locating submerged obstructions, GEOSIGHT have over 20 years of experience in this field.

With the use of our 6m survey vessel Bella, GEOSIGHT can keep any disruption to vessel traffic to a minimum.  Having recently completed a harbour wall survey in the North of England,  GEOSIGHT were able to provide evidence of sea wall degradation and the extent of newly installed tow beam footings.

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Nearshore and Inland Marine Geophysical Surveys

GEOSIGHT are specialists in the conduct of nearshore and inland waterway geophysical surveys. Utilising a variety of techniques, methods and technologies with both small manned and unmanned autonomous onshore survey launches equipped with GNSS positioning, multibeam echosounders, Sidescan sonar, magnetometer and sub-bottom profilers; data can be captured for bathymetric mapping, feature and object direction and determination of the shallow seabed geology.

Our hydrographic surveyors are graduates of IHO category A accredited educational programmes and have many years’ experience of conducting hydrographic surveys for numerous applications including nautical charting campaigns, subsea engineering, seabed scour and accretion monitoring, construction support, coastal defence and habitat mapping.
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Mobilisation and Support Services

Ask any offshore surveyor, there is no such thing as “Plug and Play”.  GEOSIGHT have built over 20 years of experience mobilising and calibrating survey vessels.  Our highly experienced team are experts in physically installing survey equipment and networking the software to allow all survey systems to work as intended. 

With further understanding of geodesy and positioning, the GEOSIGHT team are able to conduct navigational and gyro checks, with the ability to produce a report for the client.

GEOSIGHT are able to further assist clients with the calibration of the survey equipment to allow for onward survey operations.  With GEOSIGHT you can pick and choose the help you require, because there is never a simple or straightforward mobilisation.For more information pleasedownload our flyer below.

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Marine Project Management and Consultancy

GEOSIGHT through its associate network of trusted and qualified survey personnel have extensive experience within the marine survey industry. Our experience includes development of survey specifications; survey planning and project management; data QA and reporting; MBES installation and commissioning.

GEOSIGHT are well positioned to provide advice, guidance and ongoing consultancy in respect of all phases of survey planning and offshore operations. We are also able to provide offshore survey personnel and client representation using out trusted associate network to ensure both survey specifications and health and safety standards are being adhered to.
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Additional Downloadable Flyers

MCA Coded Survey ready vessel ‘Bella’ PDF Flyer