Silver Ghost 3D Model

GEOSIGHT have been commissioned to create a 3D model of this wooden hull motor yacht, built in 1952.

Vessel Information Modelling

Would you check this out?!

GEOSIGHT were commissioned a two part contract to assist with the renovation of this fantastic wooden hull motor yacht, built in 1952. Land Survey Manager Matt Deacon has not only excellently modelled the Silver Ghost, but has made a fantastic video showcasing the hard and intricate work that has gone into this project.

To meet our clients requirements, a detailed laser scan was undertaken to map every last detail of the yatch. For this task a Leica P40 was used to survey the bulk of the work and a BLK360 was used to infill any small recesses in which the P40 simply wouldn’t fit. This allowed every plank and beam to be fully mapped.

Secondly from the created point cloud  over 600 components were individually modelled to provide a framework for complete interior and exterior refurbishment.

Vessel Information Modelling