Hydrographic & OCEANOGRAPHIC Surveys

Hydrographic Surveys

GEOSIGHT are specialists in the conduct of nearshore and inland waterway hydrographic surveys utilising a variety of techniques, methods and technologies. From small inshore survey launches equipped with GNSS positioning, multibeam echo-sounders, Sidescan sonar, magnetometer and sub-bottom profilers; data can be captured for bathymetric mapping, feature and object detection and determination of the shallow seabed geology. Our hydrographic surveyors are graduates of IHO Category A accredited educational programmes and have many years’ experience of conducting hydrographic surveys for numerous applications including but not limited to nautical charting campaigns, subsea engineering, seabed scour and accretion monitoring, construction support, coastal defence and habitat mapping.


  • Nautical Charting
  • Ports and Harbours
  • River Surveys
  • Volume Calculations
  • Coastal Monitoring
  • Route Surveys
  • Object Detection and ID
  • Scour Monitoring
  • Dredge Monitoring

Oceanographic Surveys

GEOSIGHT regularly perform hydrodynamic monitoring surveys to determine the movement of water bodies in rivers, estuaries and in coastal waters for use in engineering design. We have the ability to perform vessel mounted ADCP surveys alongside long period seabed deployment ADCP monitoring.

GEOSIGHT can also install tide gauge sensors accurately reduced to the required vertical datum for short and long term tidal monitoring.