Andrew Coombes

Andrew Coombes

Surveyor & Quality Manager

Andrew has led a wide-ranging and varied career which so far shows no signs of slowing up.

Andrew has held roles in public business (IT management, lecturer); private business (surveyor, architectural technician, IT consultant); senior management (CTO, business partner); consultancy (architecture, IT) and business owner (architecture, publishing). There is a little bit of retail in there as well. Andrew likes change and challenge – he considers life too short to stick to one thing when there are so many interesting things to try, so many people to meet.

Andrew’s position in GEOSIGHT allows him to bring many of these skills to bear. His understanding of the built and natural environment underpins his work as a surveyor, and the time spent in consultancy and in business supports his work helping GEOSIGHT grow its existing client base and expand in new areas. It’s a great mix.

Andrew has a particular love of coaching and mentoring and has recently become a mentor for the Prince’s Trust, helping young people start up their own businesses, finding it a hugely rewarding thing to do.