Kirsten Gamet

Kristen Gamet

Non-Executive Director

Kirsten helps provide financial and business strategy leadership at GEOSIGHT, mostly by asking the (obvious) and sometimes difficult questions from her objective viewpoint, and one that is decidedly not that of a surveyor. She can often be heard proclaiming what a useless surveyor she would make (and hopes this is her leadership strength)!

Kirsten has spent six years in Health Innovation and Research, leading large scale NHS Quality Improvement Projects and working with a Health Technology start up (as one of six employees at its start) helping it to grow to over 50 personnel operational in 9 countries; and it is this experience that helps Kirsten work on strategy for quality and growth at GEOSIGHT. Kirsten also holds a PG Diploma from Said Business School in Strategy & Innovation which helps her combine corporate compliance responsibilities in GEOSIGHT with some of the more exciting digital and innovative work taking place.

Most of the working week Kirsten can be found in Critical Care at North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where she is a working clinician, but she enjoys one day a week in her Non Executive role supporting GEOSIGHT’s development. And in any spare time, Kirsten enjoys the family smallholding with her and Brian’s two sons, the dog, cats, pigs, chickens and goldfish.