3D Scan to BIM

GEOSIGHT have the in-house capability to deliver and produce an accurate digital representation of any building or structural feature to a Building Information Modelling (BIM) compatible format

What is 3D Scan to BIM

Building Information Modelling allows for a highly collaborative process that allows multiple stakeholders access to the planning, design and construction of a building within one 3D model.

Our survey techniques involve the capture of high-density 3D point cloud data using laser scanning technology, ensuring every detail is captured. Point cloud data is then processed and used to generate a 3D model containing as many or as few layers of architectural detail as required for your purposes.

Benefits of BIM

3D laser scanning allows GEOSIGHT to collect the as-is conditions on a site project quickly and efficiently and in-turn provide both accurate and up-to-date data to those involved in the design process of a build.

BIM is then used to verify as-built models, monitor progress on a project, create as-built models for existing structures or to augment missing design data.

Scan to BIM allows you to create a highly accurate three-dimensional digital representation of your building – in a reduced amount of time, it also removes a large degree of human error from traditional as-built processes. Further benefits includes faster sharing of data, and in most cases, any given site would only need to be visited once to collect all of the necessary data.

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