Dimensional Control Surveys

We specialise in precise Dimensional Control Surveys, which is provided to our international client base using our network of professional survey engineers.

Vessel Dimensional Control Survey

GEOSIGHT provides a full Dimensional Control service to vessels of all sizes, afloat or ashore. Through this process any node can be coordinated to a defined vessel reference frame (VRF).

Vessel Calibration Surveys

Our Vessel Calibration Surveys allow survey sensors to operate within their specified tolerances, which will in turn provide accuracy and confidence in subsea datasets. We provide proof through our independent verification process that the combined vessel survey system is working to desired tolerances.

We provide full Vessel Calibration and Verification Surveys including: Gyro Calibration; Vessel Motion Sensor Calibration and Verification Surveys; GNSS Position Verification and Health Checks.

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Introducing GEOBASE

GEOBASE is a software application uniquely designed to provide hydrographic surveyors with an independent resource for conducting a vessel dimensional control survey, an attitude and heading sensor calibration, and a GNSS position verification.

This allows users to create an independent database which can be used to manage and quality assure the geometry of the vessel and its installed survey sensors and their relationship to each other for the life cycle of the vessel and or the project on which the vessel is engaged.

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