Boundary Surveys

Our surveyors are specialists within the field of boundary surveying and demarcation. We assist clients in resolving boundary dispute matters in the most efficient and amicable manner possible.

With our in-house expertise in boundary surveying we can offer expert advice in the particular type of survey required for your circumstances, perform the survey to the highest standards, prepare the required plans that are fully compliant with Land Registry specifications and finally guide you through the process of making your application to the Land Registry.

Plans you may require include:

Land Registry Determined Boundary Plans –
These Plans notify the Land Registry of an exact boundary which is subsequently noted on the register of each respective title, its position is subsequently binding on all parties and on anyone who later owns those titles.

First Registration –
all unregistered land in the UK will need registering on a transfer plan, this can be used where there is a first registration of a newly delineated parcel of land.

Transfer Plans –
these Plans notify the Land Registry when a registered estate or part of a registered estate is transferred from one title to another. This is usually used when two parcels of land already exists.

Lease Plans –
since October 2003, all new leases granted for terms over 7 years or existing leases sold or assigned with 7 years left to run mist now be registered with Land Registry. This requires the compilation and submission of a compliant lease plan. If your property was registered before 2002, it is almost certain your plan won’t comply with the current Land Registry guidelines.
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Boundary Dispute Resolution

Finding yourself in a boundary dispute situation is an unfortunate yet non uncommon position. GEOSIGHT specialise in boundary surveys and in helping to resolve boundary dispute situations. However, resolving a boundary dispute is not something that a land surveyor skilled in boundary surveys can do in isolation. It requires the input of all parties affected.

We highly recommend that you give us a call for some free impartial advice on the best way to proceed. In our opinion, the simplest and most effective way to resolve a boundary dispute is through amicable discussion between respective parties with the aim of finding mutually agreeable boundary line. We do appreciate that in some circumstances this is no longer an option, in which case there are alternative channels which we can assist you with.

In either circumstance, our specialist boundary surveyors can assist with the process. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Offering professional advice and opinion based on consultation of relevant conveyance documents and site visits.
  • Conducting measured surveys to capture the topographic and boundary details to gain an overview perspective of the boundaries as they exist today and how they may have existed in the past.
  • Acting as a facilitator in discussions.
  • Professional opinion report preparation.
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