Marine Engineering Surveys

GEOSIGHT offer comprehensive Marine Engineering Surveys that can fulfil a host of survey services that your company may need.

Dimensional Control Survey Europe

Vessel Stability Surveys

GEOSIGHT support naval architects and commercial vessel owners with geometric data, compliant with Merchant Shipping Notice 1823(M).

Our onboard measurements and dynamic tracking of vessel motion provides data for stability and trimming calculations. Our engineering surveying capabilities allow us to accurately validate principal dimension, volumetric, draught and loadline marks and provide corrected positions in accordance with SI 1993 No. 3138 Schedule 3.6. The accuracy of our survey methods has been witnessed and confirmed by the MCA.

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Draught Mark Survey

GEOSIGHT can undertake vessel surveys for the purposes of calculating or validating the locations of draught and loadline marks. All measurements, calculations and positioning can be done on site, working in tandem with yard teams and naval architects.

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Structure Distribution

GEOSIGHT Vessel Engineering Surveys are provided during the construction process where the requirement to check millimetric design tolerances of components has been achieved during the fabrication process.

We can undertake dimensional surveys for the purposes of structure distribution, tank location and volumes to provide data for lightship calculations.

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