Marine Survey Equipment

GEOSIGHT make use of a vast array of Marine Survey equipment, from running our own 7m multi-sensor survey vessel Taran to simply mounting our Norbit iWMBS to our much smaller USV.


  • Taran

    The newest acquisition to the GEOSIGHT fleet, custom built in 2019 by Audacious Marine, as a dedicated shallow water survey vessel, ‘Taran’ is a versatile platform that provides capability to carry out the full range of hydrographic geophysical surveys. With her two 90HP outboard engines, and shallow draft twin hulls, ‘Taran’ is an ideal vessel for all shallow water environments, and fits nicely into GEOSIGHTs area of expertise.

    Measuring 7m and fully road transportable, Taran has ease of access for deployment from a trailer ensuring that she can work anywhere in the UK.

    Hydrographic Survey UK
  • REAV-28 USV

    GEOSIGHT’s latest purchase combines our environmentally centric approach and deployment of modern survey technology has led us to the world of uncrewed surface vehicles (USV)

    The REAV-28 from HydroSurv, is a 2.8m USV platform of catamaran hull form with a fully-electric propulsion system, which may be deployed and recovered from foreshores and beaches for a range of hydrographic and environmental survey applications.

    Based on HydroSurv’s smaller REAV-16, the larger vehicle has improved open-water sea-keeping and a more powerful propulsion system with greater endurance. In addition, the USV has a fully-integrated SVP winch and a series of enhanced and new control features.

    Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Norbit iWMBS

  • Norbit iWMBSh

    GEOSIGHT are delighted to own the highly accurate Norbit iWMBSh. The compact and fully integrated design allows for rapid mobilisation to our 7m Catamaran Survey Vessel Taran and Reav-28 USV. Alternatively, it makes mobilisation incredibly efficient and can easily be deployed on third party vessels taken on charter.

    Norbit iWBMSh high-resolution shallow water multibeam echosounder (MBES) integrated with an Applanix  POS MV  position and attitude reference system. The operational frequency for the Norbit MBES is between 400-700 KHz with opening angles of 0.9O° X 0.9O°  @ 400kHz and 0.5O° X 0.5O° @700kHz. The system has a 210 ° swath width with 256 equiangular beams, which is proven to provide in excess of 4 X the water depth of useable swath coverage to exceed IHO Special Order standard. The system is also capable of operating with a minimum detectable range of 0.2m below the transducer, making it an ideal choice for acquiring data into the MHWS level.

    Norbit iWMBS


  • SWiFT Sound Velocity Profile

    Designed for coastal, harbour and inland hydrographic survey use, the SWiFT SVP is a great compact profiler. The easy nature of gathering and downloading data for input into survey software packages is quick and efficient and that is why it is our choice for your survey needs.