Brian Gamet

Brian Gamet

Managing Director / Principal Surveyor

Brian, who holds a lifelong passion for the production of maps and charts and the science behind them is the founding director of GEOSIGHT.

Brian holds a Master’s degree in Hydrography from Plymouth University recognised to IHO Category A level, and is fully accredited by the RICS as a Chartered Land and Hydrographic Surveyor having practised professionally both disciplines for over 18 years. Brian has wide spread experience of marine geophysical surveying and land survey, with specialisms and principal interests in the area of precise dimension control, and in practising new methods in laser scanning and photogrammetry to increase accuracy and precision of measurement.

Brian also specialises in boundary surveying and demarcation, dispute resolution and expert witness reporting. Although in most instances legal boundaries are a matter of opinion; Brian believes there is a very specific skill set that a surveyor holds that can help unearth evidence pointing to the most likely intention of the legal boundary. Using surveying skill and knowledge of historic mapping, plans, and conveyance documents, Brian is passionate about helping people to fairly resolve boundary dispute situations with minimum cost to those involved.

Aside from GEOSIGHT, Brian’s primary passion is his family and smallholding with a current head count of 23 creatures great and small.