High Definition Scan for Mottisfont Abbey

We were engaged in undertaking a high definition scan for the truly brilliant Mottisfont Abbey, located just 5 minutes from the GEOSIGHT office. Steeped in history, the 12th-century house with medieval priory at its core proved to be a delight to work alongside and enabled scans of the now, mostly hidden original building to be uncovered.

High Definition Scan of Mottisfont Abbey

The purpose of the high definition scans was in preparation for a new art installation in Mottisfont’s iconic ‘Red Room’ for Heinrich and Palmer later this year.

In order to carry out the required work, the equipment involved to complete the job included the use a Leica BLK 360 Laser Scanner, a Leica TS16 Total Station and Leica HDS Targets.

The TS16 Total Station was used to accurately pin-point target locations on and within the building providing a control network for the BLK 360. The data from the  BLK 360 was then stitched together using both cloud to cloud  and HDS target methodology creating a high density “point cloud” 3D model, with over 4 billion points which was then processed in Leica and Autodesk software.

Service: Measured Building Survey
Purpose of Survey: Laser Scan of Mottisfont Abbey for Art Installation
Client: Heinrich and Palmer
Environment: Period Dwelling
Location: Mottisfont Abbey, Mottisfont Lane, Romsey, SO51 0LP
Year: 2019   Timescale: 10 days
Equipment: Leica BLK 360 Scanner, Leica TS16
Output: Unified point cloud