Deepest Manned Dive Finds Plastic at Bottom of Mariana Trench

After the news that American undersea explorer Victor Vescovo completed what is claimed to be the deepest manned sea dive in history, only to witness traces of plastic at the bottom of the ocean, GEOSIGHT are now more determined than ever to reduce their plastic footprint.

Firstly GEOSIGHT would like to extend its congratulations to Victor on the deepest manned sea dive ever! We’re delighted GEOSIGHT’s mobilisation ensured a safe descent into the depths of the Marina Trench.

We cannot wait to hear how you get on in the previously unexplored Molloy Deep in the Arctic Ocean this August.

Lastly, after hearing the sad news that traces of plastic were found 36,000 feet below sea level, GEOSIGHT employee Chris Dickey has now vowed to stop and pick up plastic rubbish on his daily cycle commute to work.